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K-MAC’s “Money Camp”

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.45.23 PMK-MAC is partnering with Junior Achievement to present “More than Money Camp”.

There will be three different sessions from 7-9 pm held on Friday, June 17, June 24, and July 1 and held at NetPark Administrative Office. The camp is offered to children ages 6-11. The key concepts to be presented are:  (1)  The role money plays in society; (2)  Sharing, saving and spending; (3)  Becoming a smart consumer; (4)  Earning income by starting a business.

To register, parents must do so through KidCheck using the links below.  Don’t forget to sign up for all three sessions!  Each one is unique.  Registration for each class ends the Friday BEFORE the class is scheduled.

***Volunteers are also needed.  If you work in the banking industry, or would just like to lend a helping hand, there is a volunteer sign-up sheet located in the K-MAC registration area.







Registration Link for Week #1 or use the QR Code below
Week 1 QR - Money Camp







Registration Link for Week #2 or use the QR Code below
Week 2 - Money Camp







Registration Link for Week #3 or use the QR Code below
Week 3 - Money Camp

Reaching the Unreached

It is estimated that of the 7.2 billion people alive in the world today, 3.0 billion of them live in unreached people groups with little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. According to Joshua Project, there are approximately 16300 unique people groups in the world with about 6500 of them considered unreached. The vast majority (95%) of these least reached groups exist in the 10/40 window and less than 10% of missionary work is done among these people. Watch the brief video below to learn more!

Please click here for more information about ways you can make Impact in the lives of those who have yet to hear the gospel.

Take time to speak this Confession of Faith over the unreached and those working to reach them.



One Night with the King

Ladies ~ Prepare yourselves for a majestic evening of Elegance, Splendor and Regal Grace

Come share “One Night with the King” with us on Friday May 6th at 7pm at the Tampa Marriott Waterside.

Cost is $70 per person.  Tickets are available in the Resource Center and through Eventbrite here.  Deadline to purchase is Sunday April 24th.

One Night Announce Still.001

Couch to 5K Workout

Please remember, as with any exercise regimen, you should get your physician’s approval before beginning.

Couch to 5K ® | Beginning Running

First off, you may be asking, “exactly how many miles is a 5K?” A 5K is 3.1 miles. We’re here to help you achieve your goal of beginning to run your first 5K. Too many people have been turned off of running simply by trying to start off too fast. Their bodies rebel, and they wind up miserable, wondering why anyone would possibly want to run in the first place.

You should ease into your 5K training plan gradually. In fact, the beginners’ program we outline here is less of a running regimen than a walking and jogging program. The idea is to transform you from couch potato to runner, getting you to begin running a 5K or 3.1 miles and on a regular basis in just two months.

It’s easy to get impatient, and you may feel tempted to skip ahead in the program, but hold yourself back. Don’t try to do more, even if you feel you can. If, on the other hand, you find the program too strenuous, just stretch it out. Don’t feel pressured to continue faster than you’re able. Repeat weeks if needed and move ahead only when you feel you’re ready.

Start Your 5K Training | A Few Minutes Each Week

Each session should take about 20 or 30 minutes, three times a week. That just happens to be the same amount of moderate exercise recommended by numerous studies for optimum fitness. This program will get you fit. (Runners who do more than this amount are doing it for more than fitness, and before long you might find yourself doing the same as well).

Be sure to space out these three days throughout the week to give yourself a chance to rest and recover between efforts. And don’t worry about how fast you’re going. Running faster can wait until your bones are stronger and your body is fitter. For now focus on gradually increasing the time or distance you run.

Get your workout guide here!    Impact Couch to 5K Workout Plan

Run for time or run for distance

There are two ways to follow this Couch to 5K ® training program, to measure your runs by time or by distance. Either one works just as well, choose the option that seems easiest for you to keep track of. If you go with the distance option, and you are not using a track to measure the distances, just estimate. It’s not important to have the distances absolutely exact.

NOTE: When using the mobile app, you must follow the plan by measuring your runs by time. Although it tracks your total distance with GPS, you cannot measure your runs by distance on the mobile app.

Before setting out, make sure to precede each training session with a five-minute warmup walk or jog. Be sure to stretch both before and after.

Cool Running’s Couch to 5K ® Program is available for purchase online through iTunes or the Google Play Store. This mobile version allows you to easily track your running progress online, access a host of easy-to-use training tools, connect with your friends & more!

Run for Freedom Event

Join us on Saturday April 2nd and take part in the 3rd Annual Run for freedom with proceeds of the event going to World Relief Tampa in their efforts to stand with and for victims of Human Trafficking.

Be sure to mark that you’re with Impact Church of Tampa when you register!!

Please click here for more information and to register!

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KMAC New Year’s Eve Celebration Registration

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.14.47 AM

Please pre-register your K-MAC aged child for our New Year’s Eve event on Thursday December 31st beginning at 9pm.

Act quickly – Space is limited.

Please note:  Once pre-registration information is received, registration will be processed and you will be notified via email by December 30th that your child’s spot has been either CONFIRMED or WAITLISTED.  On the 31st, K-MAC will begin check-in at 8:45pm and will close at 10pm.

**If your registration is CONFIRMED, a spot will be reserved for your child ONLY UNTIL 9:30pm on the night of the event

**If your registration is WAITLISTED or you have not pre-registered, we strongly suggest that you arrive no later than 8:45pm on the 31st

Please use the QR code below or click here to visit our online registration area.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.05.51 AM

Baptism at the Park

Join us on Saturday October 31st from 11am to 4pm for our community wide event ~ Baptism at the Park.

We’re celebrating commitment to Christ, the King of the Harvest, with ‘On-the-Spot’ water baptisms, group activities like horseshoes and basketball, fellowship time, along with Harvest Fest Fun and candy give-a-ways for the kids!

Please email us at if you or someone you know is interested in being water baptized!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.53.10 AM