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Millennial Generation Lighthouse Group

Tomorrow’s Future Starts Today


Enlightened by Shine

The Purpose of this Lighthouse Group is to bring to the Millennial Generation the Word of God, through Prayer, and Fellowship; enabling us to see through the Eyes of God in a Diverse World. The goal of this ministry is to impact the lives of those 19-26 years of age by coming together reading, meditating on and digesting the Word of God.

God says in his word that: “Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and a light shall shine upon thy ways.” Job 22:28 KJV

So let’s dig in and ponder upon the Word of God.  The Holy Bible.  The Book of Life.

Meetings will be held twice a quarter. Our first meeting will be a time of Fellowship where we intentionally have fun as we build our relationship with God and one another.  Our second meeting will be a time of endeavoring to dig deep into the Word of God, in a safe and comfortable setting, discussing topics that pertain to what you are dealing with as young men and women.  In all things, allowing the Word of God to guide us in the way that we should go with the help of The Holy Spirit to make an impact on others as well.

If you would like your house to be a host home for one of our meetings, you may email us at or call us at 813-651-2201.

Location for Thursday July 16th, 2015