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What are Freedom Groups?

During a 13-week Small Groups semester, Freedom Groups gather weekly to discuss the Freedom Small Group curriculum, which is designed to equip you to live the victorious and abundant life Christ came to give you. Freedom Groups build on the foundation of your faith in Christ to help you embrace the truth of God’s Word as it relates to your worldview, your past, your sin, your personal value to God, and your purpose in His Kingdom. This group will help you remove every obstacle to intimacy with God and walk in true freedom.

During this 2017 fall Small Group semester we will be introducing Freedom by blending a 12 week sermon series with our Small Groups fall semester, ending with a Freedom Celebration!  Hear the Word on Sunday then jump into your small group and dig deeper into the curriculum during your discussion time each week.

The Freedom Curriculum focuses on six areas of personal growth:

    • Living in the “Tree of Life”

      God never wanted us to pursue dead religion, rather His heart is for us to know Him personally and live in our true identity as His children. You will learn what it means to live in the “Tree of Life” and how a simple but powerful perspective shift can impact every area of your life.

    • Walking in the Spirit

      The Bible talks about the Spirit-led life, but this kind of living can feel hard to reach. Through Freedom, you will learn the principles of spiritual order and how feeding your spirit over your emotions and flesh is key to walking in the Spirit.

    • Surrendering to Jesus

      God calls us to love and serve Him above all else, and when we do, we see how we can grow in our purpose, live forgiven and forgive others, and receive His blessings. Freedom will help you learn how to surrender to Jesus and live in freedom daily.

    • Speaking Words of Life

      Our words have power, and by learning to speak words of life that line up with God’s Word, your words can change your environment and relationships and break the power of the enemy’s words in your life.

    • Becoming a Vessel God Can Use

      God has a unique plan and purpose for our lives, but we also have an enemy who is trying to keep us from fulfilling this purpose. In your Freedom Group, you will learn how to stand in the authority of Jesus to overcome sin and the enemy’s schemes as you allow God to use your life for His glory.

    • Living as a Worshipper

      We all worship something. Freedom will help you learn how to daily direct your worship to God and discover how it can influence the heart of everything you do.

      Freedom Celebration Service

      At the end of the 12 weeks of study, there is a Freedom Celebration that every person who attended service the last 12 weeks and every Freedom Group member is encouraged to attend. The Freedom Celebration focuses on solidifying what you learned in Freedom by helping you take next steps to overcome your past and lay a foundation for walking in daily freedom.


      Freedom groups are designed to help believers move from the experience of salvation to the abundant life that Jesus desires for them.

  • Freedom Curriculum Book ~ PDF to view or download

  • Week One – Pastor Tom

  • Week Five – Pastor Tom

  • Week Ten – Pastor Tom Intro/Pastor Chris Hodges (Church of the Highlands)

    Additional Resources – Pastor Tom’s message – Freedom ~ Part 10 – The Fundamentals of Spiritual Warfare