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Christian Essentials


Please watch for date and time for meetings to resume in 2017.

Christian Essentials encourages believers to live as ‘new creations’. Unfortunately, many Christians never learn how to shed their old identities they had before becoming a Christian. This group will share with you ten transforming steps to overcome the old habits, mindsets, and trials every believer faces in order to rely on God.

You will be equipped with Scriptural methods for intimate prayer, hearing God’s voice, and building friendships that will ensure success in your life as a new creation!

The book we will be sharing from is “Ten Steps Toward Christ” by Jimmy Evans.  All you need to bring with you is a Bible and a notebook.  However, should you wish to purchase a copy of the book for your own, you can get an ebook copy at iTunes, Barnes and Noble or at Amazon.  You can also purchase a paperback copy through Amazon.