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Voter Information Resources

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Your Vote Matters!  Make It An Informed One!


Here are some resources to help you make the decisions that will shape the lives of everyone involved.  The lives in your local city, in your state and the lives of all Americans.

“I urge you by all that is dear, by all that is honorable, by all that is sacred, not only that ye pray but [also] that ye act.” — John Hancock.  

FRC Action – an affiliate of the Family Resource Council – Presidential Values Voter Guide

Christian Voter Guides and other information from David Barton and WallBuilders

Informative Articles, 2016 Republican and Democratic Platforms and other resources from AmericaStands – Election coverage in the Spirit of Faith (Kenneth Copeland Ministries Affiliated)

2016 Florida Voter Registration Guide pdf – valuable information about registering to vote, a voting calendar,  where to get a sample ballot and your options of how to vote whether by mail, early voting or on election day.

Faith & Works Coalition – F&WC has conducted Give Me Liberty Tours in Florida for the last three election cycles.

(1)Go to the web site and click on I-Voter Guide on the home page.

(2)Enter your email address and state (Florida is already there)

(3)This will rank both Presidential and Federal races from very liberal to very conservative

(4)To access Florida state-wide races, click on the link below the August 30th Primary box.  This will pull up all Florida House and Senate races – if they are contested.

(5)Then, to get to your personal ballot, click that link again and enter your address.  This will pull up the candidates for Florida House and Senate on your ballot.

(6)Then, to see the research that led the team to that ranking, click on Side-by-Side Comparison and scroll down to access their research.

Florida Family Action – This is the Political Action Arm of the Florida Family Policy Council ( They are changing their Voter Guide methodology to better serve Florida voters. FFA Voter Guide

Book Recommendations

How Should Christians Vote? by Tony Evans available through Amazon and